Wafer Level Test System


Vmax=200 (300) V

Imax=400 mA (1 A)

Pmax=20 (50) W

Current measure range:

100 fA...1 A

Voltage measure range:

10 µV...200 (300) V

Switch Matrix:

Up to 96 outputs

Interface to wafer handler

  • Wide measure range (100 fA to 1 A*, 10 µV to 300 V*)
  • Accurate (0.05% base accuracy)
  • Full-featured software environment with ready-to-use test library
  • Wafer handler control
  • USB, LAN, GPIB, RS232 interface options
  • Data analyis and export features
  • Can be combined with external equipment
  • Complete with switch matrix, cables and customized DUT-board (optional)
  • Easy-to-use yet powerful
  • Reliable by hardware and software self-protection
  • Excellent value for money


     * Various SMU models available, see specs.

WLR (Wafer Level Reliability) characterization algorithms are included with every mb-Technologies Parameter Analyzer, however only one device can be measured at a time. With the inclusion of a switch matrix the test capacity greatly increases as several devices can be stressed in parallel, thus resulting in a powerful WLR tester!

Optional: Integration of a temperature chamber, interface to semi-automatic or fully-automatical wafer handlers, pulse unit for EEPROM endurance test.

Specifications SMU:

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