APD-Testsystem QD20


  • Wide measure range (1nA to 1mA, 10 mV to 200V)
  • High accuracy (0.2%)
  • Multiple and independent experiments running in parallel
  • Internal execution of test programs including stop conditions
  • Excellent value for money

This test system has been designed for degradation testing of photo diodes. Each DUT is connected to a current source and is stressed by a user definecd current pattern. The voltage is monitored continuously on all DUTs. The experiments runs as defined by the current pattern, but is stopped if an individual device shows a stop condition. Various stop conditions can be defined like overvoltage, undervoltage or voltage step change. These checks are automatically executed in the test system. Each DUT use its own current source and voltmeter, so a short on one DUT does not interfere with the other DUT's measurements.

The test system is available as standalone system (for use with an existing oven) or integrated in an oven. In the latter case the electronics is build into the backside of the oven without any cabling to improve reliability.

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