ams AG

Semiconductor manufactorer



Unterpremstaetten, Austria

Infineon Technologies AG

Semiconductor manufactorer

Villach, Austria
Munich, Germany

Kulim, Malaysia

Joanneum Research
Institute of Nanostructured Materials and Photonics - Research Center



Weiz, Austria

Albis Optoelectronics AG

Semiconductor manufactorer




Rueschlikon, Switzerland

XFAB Semiconductor Foundries AG

Semiconductor manufactorer



Erfurt, Germany
Corbeil-Essonnes, France

Kuching, Malaysia

University of Applied Sciences

Wiener Neustadt

Education and Research Institute




Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Dreikreuzweg 8

8280 Fuerstenfeld


tel  +43 (0)664-73522586

fax +43 (0)3382-52499



Ingenieurbuero für technische Physik GmbH