This integrated software environment runs on a PC and is used for starting and supervising measurements and experiments. Characteristic curves and data tables are shown in real time. WLR routines yield degradation parameters shown in Weibull plots.

Depending on the size of the test system multiple experiments can be executed in parallel and independently. In this case experiments typically use multiple devices running the same test plan. These devices are selected from the pool of available devices just before the start of the experiment. The status of the experiment and of each device is constantly shown. Clicking on an experiment or device shows the status and the relevant curves.

When developing test algorithms, the environment supports typical debugging and help features like single stepping, variable views, break points and syntax highlighting.


All test routines are written in mbScript, an object oriented programming language similar to Basic. The test system comes with a large library of typical test routines and algorithms written in mbScript, which can be modified to the customers requirements or used as a starting point for new algorithms.

The software also contains more complex mathematical functions like smoothing, FFT, polynomial fit, derivation, calculation of minima, maxima and roots. These functions quickly enable the user to create stable algorithms for parameter extraction.

The software supports the definition of a user interface for every measurement task. Most programs from the library included with the test system make use of this feature.

On request mb-Technologies creates test plans and the associated user interface to the customers need.


Instead of using above software environment some customers perfer to control the test system directly so customers can use their existing test algorithms or include third party equipment.

When installing mbTester a device driver is added which operates with every modern high level language like Microsoft.NET® or LabView®.

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