Parameter Analyzer

Parameter Analyzer

    • Wide measure range (100 fA to 1 A*, 10 µV to 300 V*)
    • Accurate (0.05% base accuracy)
    • Full-featured software environment with ready-to-use test library
    • Driver for other programming languages (e.g. Microsoft .NET, LabView)
    • USB, LAN, GPIB, RS232 interface options
    • Data analysis and export options
    • Can be combined with external equipment
    • Easy-to-use yet powerful
    • Reliable by hardware and software self-protection
    • Excellent value for money

Using 1 to 6 SMUs a Parameter Analyzer from mb-Technologies is a very flexibel instrument for characterization of active and passive components in any laboratory. Larger systems are available on request.

Many test algorithms for typical measurements are included! All test program's source can be modified by the user or used as a starting point for new algorithms. Settings for the test programs (like voltage steps, current compliance, polarity) are saved automatically.

Work with maximum efficiency! Just define the measurement conditions, the characteristic curves to be measured and the parameters to be extracted and press Start!

* Various SMU models available, see specs.


SMU (Source Measure Unit) Specifications:

SMU1012: 300V, 150mA, 15W

SMU1022: 200V, 400mA, 20W

SMU1032: 300V, 300mA, 30W

SMU1052: 200V, 1A, 50W

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Vmax= 200 (300) V

Imax=400 mA (1 A)

Pmax=20 (50) W

Current measure range: 100 fA...400 mA (1A)

Voltage measure range: 10 µV...200 (300) V


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SMU1012: 300V, 150mA

SMU1022: 200V, 400mA

SMU1032: 300V, 300mA

SMU1052: 200V, 1A