Device Characterization and Wafer Level Reliability

A versatile combination of various SMUs and switch matrices connected to a benchtop test fixture, micromanipulator or wafer handler. Complete test sequences including data analysis can be executed with one click! The test systems comes with a complete software library including typical characterization algorithms, parameter extraction and WLR sequences!

Transistor Degradation (Hot Carrier)

This is a high-capacity and very flexible test system for packaged MOS and bipolar transistors with up to 5 terminals / 4 voltages +/-300 V each. By default the measurements are done at room temperature with optional temperature stabilization. Alternatively the climatic chambers (-50°C to +200°C) can be used.

Time Dependent Dieletric Breakdown (TDDB/NBTI)

A test system for the analysis of capacitors and gate oxides up to 250°C using packaged devices. This is a compact and reliable solution as the measurement electronics is integrated in the backside of the oven without any cabling!

A version for WLR testing with wafer handler is available also.

Avalanche Photo Diode (APD)

A compact test system for lifetime evaluation of avalanche photo diodes.



Hot Carrier-Testsystem


      Photo Diodes Testsystem